Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Biker's Homestead

There are days I feel like I am living a Mad Max movie scene. No electricity, gas so expensive it might as well be scarce, creating self suitability with little resources, motorcycles echoing off the hills as dust, or mud or leaves, fly about as we attempt to make it up our suicidal driveway. I even have my own version of Nightrider.

We have been on our new homestead for 2 years now. Although we have been homesteading for 13 years, this move onto raw land has proven to have it's challenges. Much more than was ever expected. We came here without a community, without family, without any real support. But we are bikers, and homesteaders, we are use to being able to do things without help.

A biker homestead doesn't make us unique of course. There are many of us out there. Raising and butchering our own meat, raising gardens and families. Canning, and building, creating and riding. We are just not as outspoken about our dual lives as many of one side can be. Homesteading is a perfect lifestyle for the old school biker.

The following pages will reflect just that. Our homestead as we build it up from nothing, our motorcycle shop that we build up from nothing, and the unique visions, builds and our rides. 

Our past has been filled with heart ache, trials and tribulations. The foreseeable future shows us that this will remain a constant. But we will overcome this obstacle as we have so many others. 

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  1. I sure couldn't live your life, but I sure do love to read about it.